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Villa Island

Property Description


The modern kitchen is fully-equipped and satisfies the highest standards with appliances from well-known international brands.
The modern furniture has been carefully selected to symbolise the island’s quiet, calm yet enjoyable atmosphere.
A savvy collection of original artwork sets off the immaculate white walls with talent. Traditional Grecian handcrafted pottery and wickerwork with a modern twist cohabit with contemporary
wall features.
The natural environment offers unique chances for body and mind relaxation, as well as for joyful and vivid activities in the sea or by enjoying the exploration of the beautiful scenery.
The stunningly clean and calm sea invites you for a refreshing relief from populated destinations.
The mild weather and the pure, virgin nature make each moment of your stay worthwhile.   
Here, you will have your own private paradise.
There is really treasure in these waters , Leading Villas is committed to delivering exceptional experiences through a unique and personalized approach. From a dedicated yet discreet butler, to a private chef, or to a well
advised concierge, express and live all your Wants & Wishes to discover the new way of luxury.
Our commitment is to create and elegantly deliver uncompromising and perfectly tailored services.
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Wants & Wishes
Dine with Style
The Diaporos Island peninsula is acclaimed for its gentle nature, while it constitutes a water playground protected from wind, enticing you to get your sea legs and enjoy all the water sports
opportunities. Dotted with smaller welcoming islands and bays just waiting to be explored, the snorkeling enthusiast will delight in the treasures to be found below the surface of the sea.
For undisturbed enjoyment and fun, our guests can choose from a wide variety of privately-managed activities onsite.
Places to visit
-Personal training
-Water Massage
-30hp 4.50 meters boat
(no boat licence needed)
-2-seater canoes
-Kayak excursions with guide
-Snorkeling and scuba diving
-Ultra-light aircraft excursion
-Private excursions and historical visits (Month Athos)
-Yacht Cruises
-Water sports (water tubes, sea scooter, sub wings...)
-Sailing Boat
-Wind surfing
The island of Diaporos offers an exclusive eco-friendly paradise, but there are also spectacular places to visit nearby.
Vourvourou, just a few minutes boat ride from Diaporos, is a region with a pleasant sea breeze, beautiful beaches, a mountain covered with thick forests and exciting nightlife entertainment.
The “Ormos Panagias” bay is basically a fishing area. Just 3 miles away from Diaporos, this village is worth a visit for fresh fish that you can enjoy at the beach, with the wave of the sea right at your feet.
Ammouliani, a small, majestic island, right across Mount Athos is only a few miles away.
Around a complex of smaller islands, Drenia, is an island equally ideal for swimming and diving.
Ouranoupoli lies on the top of Mount Athos peninsula and is considered to be the Gate to Mount Athos.
Ouranoupoli is a divine landscape, combining mountainous and sea beauties. Early risers will be
rewarded with a truly magical vision as they witness the spectacular sunrise over Athos Peak. An Orthodox
spiritual centre since 1054, Mount Athos has enjoyed an autonomous statute since Byzantine times.
The ‘Holy Mountain’, where access is forbidden to women and children, is also a recognized artistic site.
Three Palms
Aegean Sea, in Greece. It is an hour’s drive from the Macedonia International Airport of Thessaloniki (SKG).
There are frequent daily flights between Thessaloniki and Athens, serving all major European cities including Moscow, Paris,
Amsterdam, London, Brussels etc.
The residence is located in Diaporos, in Sithonia, the second of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki jutting into north You arrive at Three Palms Welcome in the mainland which offers a secured parking space, and you set off for Diaporos by boat. The distance is covered in few minutes. A private beach with pontoon access awaits and is ideal for secured anchorage. The natural protection from winds is
offered by the closed wind resistant cove and the calm waters that offer privacy and safety to a wide range of boats, under any conditions and in all seasons. Upon your arrival at the island, the residence lies only a few meters away from your arrival point.
Easy Access and Transportation
Location and Distances
master plan
ground floor
first floor
-The residence has a capacity of up to 6 persons.
-It is equipped with satellite TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, safe and security system.
-Highest priority was given to the preservation of the island’s resources and the enhancement of the natural ecosystem following the latest quality standards in construction.
-The residence is supplied with solar panel energy.

Reservations and Tariffs
Upon request.

Quick summary

  • Location Halikidiki, Diaporos Island,
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Villa: 239 m2
  • Bathrooms: 3


Greek Vip Villas


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